What is Night Vision?

Simply, Night Vision is the ability to see in 

low-light conditions.

There are 3 different types of Night Vision:

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Image Intensification (l2)
  • Active Illumination

Thermal Imaging



Thermal imaging technology is capable of “seeing” light waves that are much longer than the human eye can see. These light waves are emitted by thermal radiation… a fancy term for body heat.

Thermal imagers use something called a microbolometer, which reads differences in thermal radiation to produce a silhouette image.

Image Intensification (I2)



I2 technology does just what it sounds like. It intensifies the existing light. Image intensification is almost always used with goggles or with a handheld monocle, making it a good option for tactical applications.

I2 gives you a very narrow field of view, which means your situational awareness when using this type of night vision is limited.

Active Illumination



Active infrared night-vision combines infrared illumination with CCD cameras sensitive to this light. The resulting scene, which appears dark to a human observer, appears as a monochrome image on a display or MFD.

The resulting images are typically higher resolution than other night vision technologies.

Night Track™ vs Thermal Imaging Camera

Nite Track™ running alongside a Thermal Image camera onboard a Maverick Yacht - which would you prefer?

How Does Nite Track™️ Work?

Nite Track™ uses a wide dynamic exposure control based on ambient light levels, that convert low light environments into real-time full-frame video motion.

The result is a clear image with a realistic depth of field that allows boaters, hunters etc. to see clearly at night (even if moving fast) and can be used to navigate safely.

In zero light conditions, Nite Track™ features an Infrared illuminator that’s invisible to humans but lies within the peak spectral response of the Nite Track™. It can be switched on or off as desired. Besides its usefulness in extreme darkness, it’s very useful for illuminating channel markers or reflective surfaces miles away.

Start using Nite Track™ for a safer more enjoyable after-dark recreational experience. We offer a fixed-mount system for your boat and a portable system you can use on ATVs, watercraft of all sizes, or other vehicles.


Nite Track also provides a true depth of field. When you see an object in the water, you need to have an accurate sense of how far it is from you, so you can make a course correction before you’re on top of it. (With Nite Track, you can see a paper cup at a hundred yards.)

Nite Track™ offers true hands-free operation. When you’re out on a boat, you’re watching your MFD and scanning your surroundings. You can’t be switching back and forth between some handheld monocle and your normal vision. 

Nite Track™ gives you a high resolution video read-out that you can take in at a glance with a refresh rate that is natural to the human eye.